Akshay Khobragade

The spectrogram of the audio of me reciting the Pale Blue Dot quote

Stutter Radio

This is me reading things out loud; learning to speak better. The recordings from this are edited to sound like old radio shows; I find them very soothing.

Listen at the Internet Archive.


Download specific files and folders from GitHub

TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2022

Apparently it is possible to export a specific file or a folder from a repository on GitHub.

We need Subversion. Installation instructions are here.

For files in the master branch, do:

svn export https://github.com/$USERNAME/$REPO/trunk/$FOLDER/$FILENAME

from a terminal; in the folder of choice or append the target path at the end after a space.

For things in a different branch, replace trunk with branches/$BRANCH_NAME.

Tuesday, July 22, 2022

Not having written anything for the past thirteen thousand million years, it seems I’ve lost the muscles for it. I tried it again only yesterday. Oh well.

Tuesday, July 21, 2022

Some of my favorite things on YouTube off the top of my head —



I have not been a cat person. Or rather, I did not know that I was a cat person. That too for a long time. The last time anyone had a cat around me was when I was too young; too long ago to remember anything. And in a small town where I live, you only see the ones that are very feral. Does that make sense? The dark gray cats with black spots and stripes, who don’t like being touched or even looked at. Who hide behind whatever they can find, looking at you wide-eyed through the tiniest holes they can find.

Their eyes following you as you move (I know I used to get scared when they did this, and the flashlight being reflected back at me from their eyes did not help at all).

In all 21 years of my life, the encounters unlike these, I could count them on a finger (heh). But that changed.

College was online, and I was in Thane taking advantage of it. We stopped for some ganne ka ras while we were out, and I saw this dude—


I knew people do ‘pspsps’ to attract a cat’s attention and oh let me tell you it actually works. Changing its trajectory, it walked towards me once I started doing that and for the first time ever, I had successfully attracted a cat.

:D perfectly captures the expressions on my face, until it peed on my shoe and walked away 🙂 (Yes, I have a photo. No, I’m not putting it out here.). Finishing my juice, I kept looking around, only for it to appear briefly and then disappear behind that car.

We went on. Now stopping at a grocery store. And lo and behold—

Yup. Another one :D

And this time I got to pet :D

This one was nicer. It walked all around, rubbing itself to me, repeatedly asking for pets. I enjoyed the time with my niece until we had to leave.

Needless to say, I had a wonderful day afterwards.